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Revolutionising law through digitalisation

Our platforms have been designed around a lawyer's brain to provide legal services for their clients from the palm of their hands.

Who we are
We put lawyers first. To do this we are fast-forwarding the future of lawtech. Making it more innovative. More accessible. Easier for everyone.

Lawyer 365

Lawyer 365 is a platform that enables solicitors and law firms across the globe to see and consult with their clients remotely by video. Lawyer 365 can deal with almost everything over a video consultation in the same way a traditional lawyer consulting face to face can.

Verify 365

Digital identity as a force for good. We make it safer for people to prove who they are. Give your clients a safe way to prove who they are with your business. Our verification solutions can be integrated into your website, app, terminal or managed through our custom platforms. The app is your client's secure digital ID.

eSign 365

Keep your business moving forward. Get started with eSign 365. If your law firm drafts contracts and other types of agreements, it’s time to transform how your clients prepare, sign, act on and manage them. You can put clients at the centre of your business and see tremendous improvements.

Our Mission

Innovation and technology are at the heart of our business

The world is rapidly changing. As pioneers, we are at the forefront of the lawtech revolution and we are on a mission to enhance access to legal services. Ours is the first truly digital model to disrupt how the client interacts with the lawyers in a digital world.

Revolutionising the legal sector

AI is a transformational force in lawtech. It helps legal professionals work faster, see more clients and make decisions based on more accurate information. It helps clients address legal issues, get faster information about their matters and get legal advice sooner. We made a brain for lawtech using AI. It’s what makes us so different from other lawtech providers.

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